by Bobby Castlebury

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Bumblebee on Echinacea - 0062bee

Green bug - 0114grb

Mushroom on Pine Needles - 0150mu

Colorful Combination - 0167pc

Sealion - 603s

Ladybug - 3647lb

Colorful Red Berries - 3674rb

Red Wasp - 3680wa

Armadillo - 6663ar

Tree Frog - 45tf

Alligator in Everglades National Park - 143alli

Turtle - 625tur

Bullfrog - 183bf

Peacock Feather - 1512pf

Chimpanzee - 602cp

Autumn Leaves - 301lv

Autumn Leaves - 302lv

Autumn Leaves - 303lv

Autumn Leaves - 304lv

Autumn Leaves - 305lv

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Copyright © 1999 Bobby J. Castlebury

All photographs on this web site are copyrighted © and may not be downloaded, copied, printed or used in any other manner without the prior consent of the photographer, Bobby Castlebury. They are here for you to enjoy viewing.



8" x 10"


$25 each or 2/$40 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)



11" x 14"

For larger sizes, Call (903-785-0206) or E-mail


$40.00 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)


The 8" x 10" matted photograph comes with a 11" x 14" foam board, ready to be framed. These enlargements fit in a standard 11" x 14" frame.

On the 11" x 14" image, the foam board is the same size as the image size. All images are signed by the artist, Bobby Castlebury.

Questions? E-mail Us! or write--Bobby Castlebury, 664 Farm Road 1510, Brookston, TX 75421-2732. Our phone number--903-785-0206 (Call before 8 p.m. CST).

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