by Bobby Castlebury

Thumbnail Photographs of Flowers - Gallery II

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Red Rose - 21rr

Carnationh Center - 37pocc

Cotton Candy Anthurium - 9384cca

Salmon Rose - 403fl

Yellow and Red Rosebud - 12ryrb

Gerber Daisy Center - 4351gd

Red Rose Center - 24rrc

Gerber Daisy Center - 31pgd

Wild Flower - 0046th

Rose Center - 508rc

Calla Lily - 03cl

Pink Daylily - 07pde

Peach Lily - 43pl

Spider Mum - 52sms

Water Lily - 177wl

Tulip - 401fl

Rose - 402fl

Daisy - 405fl

Bluebonnets - 500bb

Sunflower - 510sf

Iris - 504pi

Iris - 505yi

Iris - 508bi

Passion Vine Flower - 506pf

Turks Cap - 8100tc

Bluebonnet - 501bb

Water Hyacinth - 8124wh

Indian Paintbrush - 502ip

Water Lily - 7786wlv

Calla Lily - 03cl

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Copyright © 1999 Bobby J. Castlebury

All photographs on this web site are copyrighted © and may not be downloaded, copied, printed or used in any other manner without the prior consent of the photographer, Bobby Castlebury. They are here for you to enjoy viewing.



8" x 10"


$25 each or 2/$40 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)



11" x 14"

For larger sizes, Call (903-785-0206) or E-mail


$40.00 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)

The 8" x 10" matted photograph comes with a 11" x 14" foam board, ready to be framed. These enlargements fit in a standard 11" x 14" frame.

On the 11" x 14" image, the foam board is the same size as the image size. All images are signed by the artist, Bobby Castlebury.

Questions? E-mail Us! or write--Bobby Castlebury, 664 Farm Road 1510, Brookston, TX 75421-2732. Our phone number--903-785-0206 (Call before 8 p.m. CST).

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