by Bobby Castlebury

Thumbnail Photographs of Flowers - Gallery I

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Sunflower - 02sf

Green Peppermint Carnation - 06gpc

Yellow and Red Rose - 07ryr

Miniature Rose - 404fl

Echinacea - 12echs

Peppermint Crepe Myrtle - 0039cmp

Gladiolus blooms - 4336gl

Magnolia - 7726mag

Yellow Rose Center - 10yrc

Pink Rose - 400fl

Sunflower - 511sf

Pink Rose Center - 40prc

Spider Mum - 9359smt

Magnolia Center - 7748mag

Carnation - 35poc

Clematis - 4403cl

Dogwood Blooms - 503dw

Thistle - 509th

Magnolia - 7760mag

Echinacea Center - 7779ech

Hoya Bloom - 7768hoy

Spider Mum - 56sms

Yellow Rose Bud - 19yrb

Gerber Daisy Center - 33pgdc

Stargazer Lily - 9373sgl

Jonquil - 4274jon

Lantana Blooms - 210lc

Water Lily - 7785wlh

Daylily - 507pd

Lotus with Bee - 8132lot

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Copyright © 1999 Bobby J. Castlebury

All photographs on this web site are copyrighted © and may not be downloaded, copied, printed or used in any other manner without the prior consent of the photographer, Bobby Castlebury. They are here for you to enjoy viewing.



8" x 10"


$25 each or 2/$40 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)



11" x 14"

For larger sizes, Call (903-785-0206) or E-mail


$40.00 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)

The 8" x 10" matted photograph comes with a 11" x 14" foam board, ready to be framed. These enlargements fit in a standard 11" x 14" frame.

On the 11" x 14" image, the foam board is the same size as the image size. All images are signed by the artist, Bobby Castlebury.

Questions? E-mail Us! or write--Bobby Castlebury, 664 Farm Road 1510, Brookston, TX 75421-2732. Our phone number--903-785-0206 (Call before 8 p.m. CST).

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