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Welcome to the Castlebury website. Below are links to several areas of interest, including bird and nature photographs by Bobby for viewing and purchasing. These bird photos and nature scenes were taken in many locations throughout the country, including our own back yard.

We also offer a general page on the peafowl we raise, plus individual pages with great photographs.

If you enjoy browsing through the Castlebury website and have any questions or comments, let us hear from you!


Wildlife and Nature Photography

Links above and below

Barn Swallow


Page 1 of Bird Thumbnails

Belted Kingfisher


Thumbnails of all Butterflies


Page 1 of Flower Thumbnails

Coral Rose

Century Plant

Thumbnails of all Leaves

Thumbnails of all Miscellaneous

Thumbnails of all Landscapes

Autumn Leaves




Java Green Peafowl

Close-up images of Java Greens

We no longer have any Java Greens. These pages are for information only.

 Java Green Peahen

Black-shouldered Peafowl

India Blue Peafowl




6 x 8 Award with Wyandotte

Castlebury Awards

Poultry, Waterfowl, and Pigeon Awards

Pewter Hat and Lapel Pins (Poultry, Waterfowl)

Pigeon Awards and Pins  

Plaque sizes, available figures, photographs, prices, and shipping costs available in these links.

We now offer a GUINEA figure for Poultry Shows!

10 x 16 Award with American Fantail



Miniature Puffin

Bird Sculptures in Wood


Carved Feather Pins (Great Gifts)

Carved by Bobby and Aileen Castlebury

Blue Jay

Green-winged Teal



Castlebury Daylilies - Pine Branch Daylily Garden

Information on our Garden

Information on Daylilies

(how to plant, when to plant, where to plant, plus much more)


2011 Daylily Season

We no longer ship daylilies. Our daylilies are beginning to bloom and should be in full bloom by the end of May or first week in June. We are digging again this year while they are in bloom. If you are interested in seeing them or purchasing, please call ahead of time for an appointment, to make sure we will be here----903-785-0206.


Aileen Castlebury's

2003 Castle Introductions

2001 Introductions

Previous Introductions ('95-'98)

Previous Introductions ('99-'00)



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