2003 Introduction

Aileen Castlebury, Pine Branch Daylily Garden


(R. 02, I. 2003) TET 24" ERe sev 5 1/4" (#97-300T-26 - Seedling x COLLIER) Pink splashed with wine, the daylily featured has a green throat, a wine eye and dark wire edge, and is accented with orchid midribs. Since this is the only "splashed" daylily blooming from my using COLLIER as a parent, I assume the quality came from my seedling. As with all daylilies that are not "typical" in color, this daylily is either liked or disliked by visitors, no in-betweens. I have been encouraged by those daylily lovers who do enjoy the different color aspects of Castle Splashed with Wine. With 3-way branching, the bud count averages 18 per scape. Reblooms here and is fertile. $15.