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2011 Daylily Season

We no longer ship daylilies. Our daylilies are beginning to bloom and should be in full bloom by the end of May or first week in June. We are digging again this year while they are in bloom. If you are interested in seeing them or purchasing, please call ahead of time for an appointment, to make sure we will be here--903-785-0206.


1999 Introductions

*CASTLE ARTIST'S DELIGHT (R 98, I 99) Tet - 28" EMRe sev 5 1/2" Stippled on petals and sepals, with a purple eye and edge surrounded by a tightly ruffled gold picotee; very good substance. 4-way branching; 20+ buds. DARING DILEMMA X CHRIS SALTER. Fertile.

$12.(Sold out)

CASTLE CRIMSON FRILLS (R 98, I 99) Dip - 19" EMRe sev 2 3/4" My first picoteed mini diploid to introduce, CCF has a washed crimson eyezone extending into a picotee on petal edges. Increase is average, with 3-way branching averaging 18 buds. A good rebloomer. Fertile.

$20.(Sold out)

CASTLE DOUBLE FRAGRANCE (R 98, I 99) Dip - 22" EMRe sev vfr 5" Outstanding parents (CABBAGE FLOWER X SILOAM DOUBLE CLASSIC) gave me a consistently double plant; very good increase, substance; 4-5 way branching; 30 buds with good rebloom. Fertile.


CASTLE GOLDEN FLAME (R 98, I 99) 29" MRe sev 4 1/2" A golden double with layered segments; from two consistent performers, CONDILLA X SAVANNAH DEBUTANTE, this double has acquired some very good qualities. Averaging 20 buds on the 3-4 way branching.

$15.(Sold out).

CASTLE PINK COURAGE (R 96, I 99) 25" EMRe sev 5" The petals and sepals of this lovely pink bitone are very full and ruffled, having a sculpted look, with outstanding substance. Good branching and bud count help make this a desirable daylily, a classic bloom.

$12.(Sold out)

*CASTLE PIRATE'S ROBE (R 98, I 99) Tet-26" EMRe sev 4 3/4" A dark purple-violet blend with darker purple eyezone, substance is outstanding; texture like velvet. The wide dark edge of its pollen parent, PIRATE'S PATCH, is only a wire edge on CPR; 3-way branching; 20+ buds. Good rebloomer. Fertile.

$15.(Sold out)

CASTLE PURE SILK (R 96, I 99) Dip - 24" EM sev fr 5 1/2" Most blooms larger than registered size. Orchid-cream blend beauty. Excellent substance--feels like leather; looks like silk. Average branching and bud count. A classic, distinctive bloom. Excellent parent.


*CASTLE RINGS OF SATURN (R 98, I 99) Tet - 24" EMRe sev 3 1/4" Two distinct edges, and sometimes three, were the inspiration for the name. "Bubbles" and "teeth" on edge are evident on 2-year plant. An outstanding parent for edged minis; 3-way branching; 18+ buds.

$30.(Sold out)

CASTLE ROSE BELLE (R 98, I 99) Dip - 28" EMRe sev 4 3/4" This rose-red double has been an outstanding performer since its first bloom. Winner of Annie T. Giles Award--AHS Region 6 '98; 3-way branching; 20+ buds. Reblooms twice here. A favorite of visitors. Fertile.

$25.(Sold out)

CASTLE SUNSET (R 96, I 99) Dip - 23" EMRe sev 4 3/4" This brilliant gold-orange blend double has inherited good traits from both parents, TWIN DRAGONS X SILOAM DOUBLE CLASSIC. 3-way branching averages 20 buds. A good rebloomer, fertile; very showy.

$12.(Sold out)

CASTLE VANILLA CREAM (R 96, I 99) Dip - 23" EMRe sev fr 6" A pale ivory bloom with very wide petals and sepals. Blooms always open perfectly. A classic look out of two classy parents, SUE ROTHBAUER X VISION OF BEAUTY. It is not a fast increaser, but makes a strong plant. Fertile.


CASTLE VIOLET LIGHTS (R 98, I 99) Dip - 25" EMRe sev fr 4 3/4" Observing this plant, I saw violets and then light from the creamy center, thus the name. Petaloids often have a small cream edge; 4-way branching; at least 25 buds. Good rebloomer. Product of two seedlings out of CABBAGE FLOWER X SILOAM DOUBLE CLASSIC.



2000 Introductions

To view an enlarged version and description of Introductions below, click on each individual photograph.

C. Double Peach Fluff
C. Edge of Night
*C. Golden Braid
*C. Golden Intrigue
C. Ivory Frosting
C. Lacy Ruffles
C. Magic Touch
C. Orchid Surprise
C. Plum flair
*C. Jeweled Cameo
*C. Sharon's Delight


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Castle Introductions--1995-1998


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