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Bobby and Aileen Castlebury

Our Specialty Award Plaques have been used for the past several years among the Poultry, Waterfowl, Rabbit, and Pigeon fanciers throughout the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries, including many national events. Many shows consider them as a calling card because of their quality and artistic value, and the recipient is able to take home a nice award featuring his or her favorite breed.

Bobby is a life-long poultry exhibitor and also a professional bird sculptor who realized the need for a nice, prestigious wall plaque, as opposed to just another trophy that collects dust.

Prices of individual plaques are given with the pictures and descriptions of each below.

Please remember to plan your orders as far in advance as possible, in case we are out of a product. All of these products take time to produce; in order to not be disappointed, don't wait until two weeks before a show to order. We do not do any engraving until we receive payment. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 903-785-0206, prior to 9 p.m. CST., or write Bobby Castlebury, 664 Farm Road 1510, Brookston, TX 75421-2732 (NEW 9-1-1 ADDRESS; WE HAVE NOT MOVED). You may also e-mail us. We are in the Paris, Texas, phone book and live just outside the city limits of Paris.

We now offer a GUINEA Figure for Poultry Shows!

The 6 x 8, 8 x 10, and 9 x 12 Awards are identical, except for the size of the plaque. The same size breed figures are used on both plaques. These figures of your favorite breed are made from Jewelry Pewter, making them silver to match the engraving and the silver plate behind the engraved plate. The wreath surrounding the Pewter figure is also silver. The plaque makes an attractive presentation. Price of the 6 x 8, including the engraving, is $16.50. Price of the 8 x 10, including the engraving, is $21. Price of the 9 x 12, including the engraving, is $24. We appreciate your interest in our prestigious awards. Shipping charges are given below.

The 10 x 16 Walnut Plaque is a beautiful award. The others are really nice, but this one is very special. The approximately four-inch figure of your favorite breed of Poultry, Waterfowl, Pigeon, or Rabbit is placed on the black velvet in the opening. The engraved plate is 3" x 6"; plan your engraving carefully. The fewer words you use, the larger the possibility of letters. I enjoy using a script font when I engrave, so if you do not like the script, please let me know. Most people who order leave the type of engraving to me. We do appreciate your interest in our awards! Price of the 10 x 16 Walnut Plaque, including the engraving, is $70.00. Shipping on a single 10 x 16 plaque is $14. When adding one or more of this plaque to an order, include an extra $1 for each 10 x 16 ordered.

The 7 x 12 Walnut Plaque pictured at the left is the same plaque as the 10 x 16 shown above, only smaller. The photographs were taken under different conditions, and thus the different looks in the color of the walnut. The same pewter figure used in the 6 x 8, 8 x 10, and 9 x 12 Plaque is used for this prestigious award, with a different wreath used to complement the oval design. This award can be used for Grand Champion of Show if we do not have the larger figure necessary for the 10 x 16 award. The price of the 7 x 12 Walnut Plaque is $45, and this includes the engraving. The engraved plate for this plaque is now a 3" x 5".


PIGEON FIGURES AVAILABLE--African Owl, American Fantail, Domestic Flight, English Trumpeter, Frill, Giant Homer, Helmet, Indian Fantail, Jacobin, King, Komorner, Modena, Mookee, Pigmy Pouter, Pomeranian Pouter, Racing Homer, Show Racer, and Turbit. These figures (except for the Helmet) are all pictured below.

Pigeon Pewter Hat and Lapel Pins

(Remember as you view the pewter pins below that the photographs have been compressed, and much of the intricate feather detail is not shown.)

American Fantail

African Owl

Domestic Flight

Oriental Frill

Giant Homer

Indian Fantail






Pigmy Pouter

Pomeranian Pouter

Racing Homer

Show Racer

English Trumpeter

The pins are $15 each, plus $7.50 (Priority Mail). This $7.50 will cover shipping on several pins.
Each pewter pin has intricate feather detail not seen in these compressed photographs.
Average height of each pin is 1 1/2". The only available breed not pictured is the Helmet.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: 1 Plaque, $10 (exception: the single 10 x 16 walnut plaque shipping is $14); 2 Plaques, $18; 3-4 Plaques, $24; 5-6 Plaques, $28; 7-9 Plaques, $34; 10-12 Plaques, $38; 13-16 Plaques, $44; 17-20 Plaques, $50. If more than 20 Plaques, please call for shipping. PLEASE ADD THE CORRECT AMOUNT TO YOUR ORDER. (Add an extra $1 to shipping amount for each 10 x 16 walnut plaque in order).

POULTRY FIGURES AVAILABLE--Modern Game, Old English Game, Japanese, Plymouth Rock, Leghorn, Rosecomb, Sebright, Wyandotte, Cornish, Polish, Brahma, Cochin, Silkie, Faverolle, and Langshan. (The same figure will be used for Bantam and Large Fowl.)

We now offer a GUINEA Figure for Poultry Shows!

WATERFOWL FIGURES AVAILABLE--Call Duck, Runner Duck, Crested Duck, Rouen Duck, Pekin Duck, African Goose, Buff Goose and Chinese Goose. Turkey figure also available. 

Questions? Please call us at 903-785-0206, or e-mail us. Please send order and payment to Bobby Castlebury, 664 Farm Road 1510, Brookston, TX 75421-2732 (NEW 9-1-1 ADDRESS; WE HAVE NOT MOVED).

The links below represent Bobby's Wildlife and Nature Photography.

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