Bobby Castlebury's

Java Green Peafowl

Anyone interested in learning about Java Green Peafowl should view the images presented below and read the information and see more photographs given on our main page of Javas.

We no longer have any Java Green peafowl, but we are leaving our Java Green pages online for informational purposes, only.



One of our breeding males
This shows the beautiful, iridescent blues and greens of a young male



Females are just as brightly colored as the male, but lack the beautiful train.



One of our breeding pairs


Photographs of some youngsters from our Java Green breeders

Close-up photographs of Java Greens

See other pages on India Blue peafowl,and Black-shouldered peafowl.

If you have questions on the Java Green peafowl, you may call me at 903-785-0206; let the phone ring several times. You may also e-mail us. We live just outside the city limits of Paris, Texas, and are listed in the Paris phone book.

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