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2011 Daylily Season

We no longer ship daylilies. Our daylilies are beginning to bloom and should be in full bloom by the end of May or first week in June. We are digging again this year while they are in bloom. If you are interested in seeing them or purchasing, please call ahead of time for an appointment, to make sure we will be here--903-785-0206.



Thanks for viewing my 2001 Introductions! Don't forget to check out my latest, 2003 Castle Introductions!

Previous Introductions ('95-'98)

Previous Introductions ('99-'00)



For the year 2001, I am proud to introduce my first two Unusual Form diploid daylilies, plus five tetraploids, one small flower diploid and one miniature diploid. I believe all are quality plants and have distinguishing characteristics that will make each cultivar a lovely addition to any garden.

I appreciate all of you who have purchased my plants in the past.


After you view my introductions for this year, don't forget to check out my Previous Introductions and possible Future Introductions (Seedlings).


To see an enlarged photograph of each introduction and read descriptive information about each cultivar, click on the small pictures below!

Castle Autumn Melody
Castle Butterfly Charmer
Castle Chocolate Taffy

*Castle Florentine Jewel
*Castle Golden Rainbow
*Castle Pastel Radiance

*Castle Purple Frills
Castle Tempest
*Castle Violet Splendor

Castle Tempest

We are no longer able to ship daylilies. We dig during bloom season and sell here at our house in northeast Texas.

The links below represent Bobby's Wildlife and Nature Photography.

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