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India Blue Peafowl

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The India Blue peafowl are native to India, and are the peafowl from which the Black-shouldered and White peafowl have mutated. During breeding season, the Blue peacock's displayed, rustling train is a fascinating sight. He spreads his train to attract the peahen, although she may sometimes not even notice.

In contrast to the beautiful colors of the Blue peacock, the Blue peahen lacks bright coloration, which helps conceal her from predators when she is allowed to incubate her own eggs.


If the Blue peafowl are raised on a farm or estate, they may be turned loose to roam at free will. Even though they may be allowed to roam, a penned area is needed prior to their being turned free, to acclimate the birds to their surroundings.

Also, they may need to be penned during breeding season. A shelter should be provided in the penned area for extreme weather conditions. Each pair of peafowl should have a minimum penned area of 400 square feet. It is possible to mix a pair of pheasants, such as the relatively small and colorful Red Goldens or Lady Amhersts, in this same area with the pair of Blue peafowl.

Teaching the peafowl to eat in the above mentioned penned area will allow, at a later time, easy catching of the birds if necessary.

Throughout breeding season, the Blue peacock can be heard making a loud call. This call is also used in response to noises he may hear, such as dogs barking loudly.



India Blue Peafowl

Sold Out! We are looking forward to the 2009 breeding season!


See other pages on Black-shouldered peafowl and Java Green peafowl. Most of the general information given on the White and Black-shouldered peafowl will pertain to the India Blue peafowl.

If you have questions on the India Blue peafowl, you may call me at 903-785-0206; let the phone ring several times. You may also e-mail us. We live just outside the city limits of Paris, Texas, and are listed in the Paris phone book.

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