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Black-shouldered Peafowl

Anyone interested in learning more about Black-shouldered Peafowl should read the information given below and enjoy the accompanying photographs.



The Black-shouldered peafowl are a color mutation of the India Blue peafowl. Both are pictured at the left. The main difference between the two peacocks can be seen in this photograph--the barred buff and black feathers in the India Blue are replaced with black feathers tipped in dark blue and green in the Black-shouldered.

If the Black-shouldered is crossed with an India Blue, the offspring will be either Black-shouldered or India Blue.

As in other peafowl (collective term for peacock, peahen, and peachick), the pair of Black-shouldered will need a pen or aviary with a minimum of 400 square feet of space.



The Black-shouldered peahen is seen in the image on the right. She is not as dark as the India Blue peahen, but is a very attractive bird because of her lovely coloration.

Like the White and India Blue peafowl, the Black-shouldered can be allowed to roam a farm or estate after breeding season, if the birds are raised on the place. They get along well with other peafowl.

Strangely enough, the peachicks (young peafowl) of the Black-shouldered are creamy white, with wings tinged in a buff color. This buff colored wing is the main distinguishing factor between baby White peachicks and Black-shouldered.



Black-shouldered Peafowl

Sold Out! We are looking forward to the 2009 breeding season!


See other pages on India Blue peafowland Java Green peafowl. Most of the general information given on the India Blue and White peafowl will pertain to the Black-shouldered peafowl.

If you have questions on the Black-shouldered peafowl, you may call me at 903-785-0206; let the phone ring several times. You may also e-mail us. We live just outside the city limits of Paris, Texas, and are listed in the Paris phone book.

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